Dealing with gang vandalism during COVID-19 isolation

At a time like this when we are all being asked to look out for each other – you don’t expect criminals to walk around the streets at night vandalising people’s cars.

This was just one of 4 vehicles in one road AutoKlean was happily able to help.

COVID-19: Mobile Car Sanitising Clean Inside & Out

Find out how we can help reduce the risks with our Sanitising Cleaning services.
We brought this car back to a showroom finish  while our customer stood crying with delight having seen what we did to rectify the problem.
Vandalised car after valeting walkaround

Vandalised car after valeting walkaround

We were able to remove the damage and re-polish the car’s exterior.
This car took our valeting specialist 2.5 days work but the time proved worthwhile.

There is enough stress and worry without having to see this done to your and your neighbours’ vehicles.