Commercial Valeting Services for dealerships and trade

In 2002 Autoklean started as a small business in Weybridge, Surrey, providing vehicle valeting and detailing services to the motor industry.

Since then we have never been beaten on our quality or the standard of our valeting service, and as a result of this, we have never lost a motor trade contract. Almost 2 decades of history proving our ability to provide the best contract valeting service in the industry.

AutoKlean Contract Valeting is focused on quality
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Our service is not limited to supplying valeting staff but ensuring you have the correct team of people who are trained and experienced in providing you with a standard of commercial valeting unrivaled from our competitors.

We do not simply valet cars but manage the whole process onsite so you don’t have to.

Throughout our history we take pride in never having lost a contract. Our exceptional standard of valeting, company values and commitment to all our customers is unchallenged by our competitors.

We’ve been invited by dealerships who have found their existing valeting company unsuitable for their needs and in many instances, not able to cope with the demands of their business or supply the standard of valeting required by customers who need correctly prepared vehicles, and the benefit these possibilities bring in achieving higher sales volumes and improved customer satisfaction.

We provide a service which takes care of everything to do with the preparation of vehicles, fully managed by an onsite team leader and further supervised by a member of our management team with regular onsite visits.

The bottom line for us is the service to our customers, the longevity of our contracts and the relationship we build with our clients. Our commitment is high, our standards higher and our service unmatched.

We succeed where others fail and we have never failed to do so.

We are never short of resource or additional support for our customers and we employ double the amount of backup & floater valeters than other campany to ensure we always have cover for holiday and sickness of our onsite valeters. We keep our business on merit alone and our ONLY financial security is delivering on our promise.

Our area managers visit every customer and their meticulous inspections are designed to ensure we check every aspect of our work to guarantee our promise to you, and to ensure our staff are working towards the standards you and we expect.

We check everything from standard of work to staff behaviour, time keeping, and even usage of mobile phones during work. We leave nothing to chance and monitor everything, Inspect EVERY worker at EVERY site, EVERY week. We find imperfections before they become problems and fix them. We valet cars primarily, which we do exceptionally well, every time and on time.

We’re a valeting company in basic terms but, fundamentally, we’re a service provider that doesn’t disappoint.

We keep our contracts by adopting the attitude of looking after our customer’s business like our own. The reason we are as good as we say we are is simple, we do everything we can for our customers and behave as though we have everything to lose if we don’t.

Find out how we can beat your existing supplier on quality and price.

We typically beat incumbent valeters by 10% as well as improving quality.

We provide the complete package

  • We work with our customers and consider their business as if it were our own.

    Our commitment is high. We’re flexible with all our customers giving them varied options from the outset. We’re there to support them no matter what their needs are.

Trained and experienced personnel
Holiday and sickness cover for our personnel
Managed and supervised by senior personnel
Equipment and chemicals
Employers and public liability
Cosh and Health & Safety
Uniformed staff

Standards and excellence

Our focus is on you and your clients’ expectations.

We’ve been servicing dealerships since 2002 specialising in motor trade valeting and vehicle preparation. During our time we have never lost a client, proving our ability to provide the best service in the industry.