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Give Something Special This Christmas

Worried about finding Christmas presents this year?

With many shops closed, lockdown measures in place and Christmas just around the corner…

Treat yourself or that special person to an AutoKlean Christmas Voucher from £60 upwards.

And as a bonus, every voucher over £90 also comes with an additional 5% discount for additional services.


Williams Ceramic Coat

A perfect gift to protect any loved car.

What makes Ceramic Coat Protection special

It provides protection for paint, wheels, glass, fabric, leather, plastics and protects against road salt, grit, bird droppings, weathering, and also from spillages and everyday stains, making them easier to remove.

Take a look At why a Williams Ceramic Coat will make a great gift

Williams Aftercare Bag

Full of exciting products for the self-enthusiast and a truly wonderful gift.

Includes high quality products for cleaning your vehicle after it has been protected professionally.

Products included help you maintain the look and feel of your vehicle.

Can be used by yourself or given to your valeter to regularly wash & maintain your vehicle after Ceramic Coating has been applied.

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