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Full range of services

While we have an extensive range of valeting and detailing packages, we understand sometimes your requirements may be different, so we can tailor a package to your specific requirements and a budget that suits you.

Customer focused professional team

Our luxury detailing is provided by an experienced team who pride themselves on customer satisfaction and understand the importance of protecting your car’s value and enhancing its appearance by professional valeting or detailing using high quality products.

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Valeting Services

Valeting Detailing

Full Valet

Valeting for interior & exterior.
Thorough hoovering of entire car including boot if empty, washing down of all interior components, glass cleaned inside & out, full body wash, wheels & wheel arches, tyres dressed and car body fully waxed and polished.

£105 – £125

Valeting Detailing

Full Valet Plus

Interior & exterior valeting which includes a Full Valet inside & out, Interior Deep Shampoo, Interior Valet and bodywork fully waxed & polished. Valeting of every area of the car we can get to including boot area, spare wheel compartment and under bonnet.

£175 – £195

Valeting Detailing

Soft-top Roof Clean & Protect

Clean soft top roof from mould, tree sap and other dirt. Includes an exterior bodywork wash. Removes soiling & stains from natural & synthetic fabrics. Rain repellent coating is then applied to your fabric roof to protect and preserve fabric hoods from the effects of water absorption and surface soiling.

£110 – £130

Valeting Detailing

Anti-Viral Sanitiser

Anti-Viral Car Fogger is a powerful anti-bacterial, anti-viral treatment ideal for micro-organisms that live and breed on the interior surfaces of vehicles. The highly effective sanitiser kills harmful bacteria and virus based micro-organisms quickly, safely and efficiently. This application will sanitise treated surfaces, leaving a fresh citrus scent.

Must be booked with an additional service as cannot be booked on its own.


Detailing Services

Valeting Detailing

Showroom Detail

Ultimate Detailing for an Ultimate Finish.

Includes our Full Valet Plus with detailed valeting, cleaning and shampooing throughout the vehicle, plus a full machine polish to remove scratches, swirl marks. Refreshes faded paint and returns the paintwork to a highly glossy and restored finish.

£375 – £450

Valeting Detailing

Studio Detail

This service requires approx. 2-3 days to complete and is NOT available through our Mobile Service.

It consists of a Showroom Valet and a  Protective Ceramic Coat.

To be precise, we apply 3 coats of ceramic to bond with your paint to give added protection.

But before we begin with the finer details… we methodically clean every area of the car that we can get to.

This includes a full & meticulous body wash, clay bar treatment & body solvent to dissolve and remove tar, road grime and other contaminates. Cleaning and re-greasing seat runners, door, boot & bonnet hinges. Full underbody wash. Engine & engine compartment clean, detailed and dressed. Wheels removed, cleaned and treated with ceramic. Brake callipers cleaned. 3 Stage machine polish & paint correction to remove as many imperfections, light scratches and swirl marks as physically possibly. Vehicle health check of tyre pressure & tyre tread depth, oil level, coolant & screen wash.

£1200 – £1500

Valeting Detailing

Liquid Clay Treatment

Cleans and removes contaminated paint surfaces, pollutants, tree sap, railway dust, tar spots etc. providing a smooth surface to the paintwork from the surface of your car’s paint, glass, fiberglass, and metal, leaving your car feeling smooth & revived.

Includes a final wash & wax.

£110 – £130

Valeting Detailing

Machine Polishing

Full machine polishing to the entire paintwork which removes and reduces paint imperfections, scratches, swirl marks, patchy & damaged paint, and helps to restore the paint & return your vehicle to a glossy and highly waxed condition.

The service includes a full outside valet and wax finish after the machine polishing.

Prices per panel are available if you don’t need the whole car machine polished.

£300 – £350

If you can’t see what you need, call us or use our enquiry form for help & advice:

0330 135 8020

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