Terms and Conditions – SMART / Wheel Repairs


Appointment Slots

  • Appointments are booked with a 2-HOUR arrival slot.
    For example, if your appointment is at 12pm, our arrival time might be between 11am to 1pm or slightly earlier, or a slightly later than scheduled.
  • This is because we cannot always be certain of how long each job will take and to allow for traffic conditions.


  • Changing or cancelling an appointment 24 hours in advance is free of charge.
  • Changing your appointment with less than 24 hours’ notice may incur a £20 rescheduling fee.
  • Your deposit is non-refundable if you cancel your appointment with less than 24 hours’ notice.
  • Cancellations must be made in writing by email or text message and acknowledged by us.

Personal items

  • Personal items must be removed from the vehicle before the appointment.
  • The company accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to personal effects left in the vehicle.
  • Our staff are not permitted to remove, adjust, or fit Child seats.

Parking and Service Location

  • We will need to park our vehicle next to, behind or in front of your vehicle.
  • Parking for our vehicle must be arranged by the customer.
  • It is the sole responsibility of the customer to ensure the following.
    • That there are no parking restrictions, parking fees or penalties and such fees to the customers vehicle or our vehicle must be paid by the customer.
    • If your appointment is in an underground carpark or a multi storey carpark, please ensure there is a sufficient height for our van to enter safely.
    • Sufficient lighting within the car park and sufficient drainage for any water we might use for your vehicle.
    • You have permission from the car park company or owner for us to work on site, whether it is underground, multi storey or ground level.
  • If your vehicle is parked on a public road, it is the customers sole responsibility to ensure there is adequate safe space for our staff to work and no risk to safety to ourselves, our vehicle or other members of the public or passing traffic.
  • If we cannot park safely, close enough to your vehicle and without any parking restrictions, parking fees or penalties, and we have to abort the appointment, the deposit will be non-refundable.
  • Any parking fees or penalties for customers’ vehicles and/or our vehicle must be paid by the customer.
  • AutoKlean reserves the right to decide, in its sole discretion, upon the suitability of the location and will not be obliged to complete the repairs if the location is unsafe or unsuitable.
  • This location may, therefore, be changed at any time including on the day of the booked repair as variable factors, including but limited to, weather, parking conditions, safety and available light.
  • If we decide that the repair should be completed at a location other than that originally envisaged, for any reason, including but not limited to inclement weather, AutoKlean will not accept any liability for costs or inconvenience incurred by the customer as a result.
  • We will make an offer to conduct the service at the estimate price at an alternative time, date or location convenient to both parties with a £20 rescheduling fee charged to the customer.


  • A 50% deposit is required for all appointments in advance.
  • The balance is to be paid upon completion before our staff leave your premises.
  • Payment by Debit or Credit card only.
  • We do not accept cash and our staff are not permitted to have cash in their vehicles.
  • If the person paying for our service is not present, please ensure that full payment can be made upon completion.
  • If we are providing valeting services and our staff consider your vehicle to be excessively dirty, we reserve the right to impose a surcharge for extra time required of up to 25% of the original price quoted.

Appointment Rescheduling

  • A £20 rescheduling fee will be charged if we arrive at your property and cannot conduct our work for reasons not caused by us.
  • If your appointment needs to be aborted or cancelled on the day, due to reasons not caused by us, your deposit will be non-refundable.
  • Appointments are weather permitting and may be subject to change if weather conditions will hinder the service we provide.
  • Rescheduling your appointment due to weather conditions alone is free of charge.

Quality of Work

  • If a job we have provided, or service of any type has not been done correctly by us, or there are some imperfections or problems with it, the customer must allow us the opportunity to re-attend and rectify this.
  • We will not agree to a refund or accept any liability whatsoever for a service we have provided until the customer has allowed us the opportunity to reassess, inspect and where required, rectify a job we have provided.
  • if we cannot rectify the job once we have re-attended, we will then discuss options which may be in the form of a full or part refund or other options as relevant to each specific situation.
  • We will not agree to a refund or any other form of arrangement or compensation unless the customer has allowed us to return, attempt to rectify anything that has gone wrong with any service we have provided.

Verbal Agreements

  • Agreements regarding a service or price made by telephone or in person are invalid unless also agreed in writing.
  • If you have any special requirements or have made any agreement with our office staff by phone, we would ask all customers to ensure that they have requested an email confirming what was discussed.

Important information about your appointment, service and payment

Paint and Wheel Repairs

Silicone and Tyre Dressing

  • Silicone affects our repair work and contaminates fresh paint & lacquer and potentially ruins the service we are providing.
  • We require all customers having paint or wheel repairs done by us to ensure the exterior of their car and/or wheels is completely clean of any silicone or tyre dressing products.
  • If you are having any paint or wheel work done by us, and you have had your vehicle washed or valeted by another company within the last 7-10 days, please ensure your car has not had any silicone products used on it.
  • If our repair to your car has proved difficult or more time consuming, or has caused the repair to go wrong as a result of silicone, we may charge you for additional time & additional products used to rectify the problem caused due to silicone products on your vehicle.
  • If the customer refuses to pay for additional work required as a result of silicone products contaminating or ruining our work, we will not accept any liability or complaint by the customer for imperfect or un-finished work.

Diamond Cut Wheel Lathe Repairs

  • Our lathe service is restricted to a maximum size of 29 inches including the wheel & tyre.
    It is the customers responsibility to ensure that your wheel & tyre size combined does not exceed this.
  • If we cannot Lathe repair your wheels as a result of them being too large to fit into our lathe, you will have the following options:
    1. Allow us to cosmetically repair them at the original price quoted if it is possible to do so.
      If it is not possible, you may lose your deposit.
    2. Rebook your appointment to allow you to have the tyres removed completely on the basis that the wheel on its own is 29 inches or below.
    3. Cancel your appointment which may result in you losing your deposit.


  • It is not always possible to accurately assess the extent of a repair purely through photos, and final assessment will be made by our technician on the day of your appointment.
  • Estimates by email using customer photos are indicative only and subject to change upon face-to-face inspection if there is more damage on your vehicle than originally seen on your photos.
  • If the damage on your paint or wheels is more than was visible in your photos, or your original photos sent to us did not show the full extent of the damage, we will aim to complete the additional damage, which may or may not be charged at an additional fee.
    • If we cannot repair the additional damage or you do not wish to pay the extra fee you will have the following choices:
      1. Have the original damage repaired ONLY, at the price quoted or,
      2. Decline all the work originally booked but you may lose your deposit.
  • If our technician believes the paint repair will take longer or is a larger repair than we anticipated from your photos, there may be in increase to our initial estimate.
  • If there are dents, creases, distorted areas, flaking paint or lacquer etc. on your vehicle that were not visible in your photos, these will be charged additionally if they can be repaired by us.
  • If we believe that further work is necessary to complete the repairs, the customer’s authorisation and agreement will be requested before any further work is carried out that might increase the price to the original estimate.
    1. If such authorisation is not given, we reserve the right not to continue with the additional repairs.
    2. In these circumstances the full estimated price remains payable by the customer or loss of deposit.

Wheel refurbishing

  • If we have advised that your wheels are excessively or severely damaged and that we might not be able to refurbish them to a perfect standard, your appointment is booked on the basis that you have agreed there might be a less than perfect or less than 100% repair.
  • If you are having wheels refurbished, please wash the face of the wheel/s slightly to remove any excess dirt as this will delay our service.
    • Un-washed wheels may be charged at £10 each.
  • Diamond Cut wheels using a cosmetic method is NOT a lathe repair.
    • If you have requested that your Diamond Cut wheels are cosmetically refurbished instead of a Lathe repair, this is a replication of the look of a Diamond Cut finish by repairing the damage, painting, and lacquering to provide a fully refurbished look.

Guarantee for Paint and Wheel Repairs

  • The guarantee is a formulation and application guarantee: that the finish will not degrade due to the paint being improperly mixed or applied by us.
  • No guarantee of any sort is offered against damage or deterioration to the finish in the following, but not limited to, ways:
    1. By any corrosion or rust (whether it was evident before the repair was carried out)
    2. Failure of the surface to which the repair is applied (i.e. as the result of a previous aftermarket repair)
    3. Further accident or impact (including but not limited to stone chipping)
    4. Inappropriate aftercare (including but not limited to washing the vehicle within three days of completion of work, the use of corrosive cleaning agents)
  • Paint repairs are covered by a lifetime guarantee for the current owner at the time of the appointment and is non-transferable.
  • Wheel refurbishments are covered by a 12-month guarantee.
  • Any refund or liability shall be limited to the maximum of the value indicated for the repair on the estimate or invoice.
  • Claims made to rectify any work provided by us shall be referred to the technician that completed the repair(s), who has the right to return to carry out the service again.
  • The repeat repair will be subject to an inspection by us before a resolution is agreed if the complaint is upheld. Any refund or liability shall be limited to the maximum of the value indicated for the service(s) on the Invoice.


  • If your vehicle is fitted with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) or other type of sensors, vehicle manufacturers specify that systems may require recalibration following repair work to ensure that the system continues to operate correctly.
  • For the avoidance of doubt, we do not complete re-calibration services within the repair.
    You will need to arrange re-calibration with your dealership.
  • If re-calibration is required, it is your sole responsibility to ensure this work is carried out in a timely manner at your cost.